1xBet Deposit Methods India: The Complete Guide

1xBet, as a betting platform, has grown to be an extensively famous and sought-after bookmarker. This can be attributed to their emergence and stay on the betting scene quite an extended period, which also has earned experiences and trust for them.

Lately, within the last decade, the demand for reliable betting platforms has risen across the charts, and on the quest to solving this evident deficiency between demand and supply, 1xBet took center stage by making her platform available to a larger number of bettors. This accounts for how bettors in India had access to the platform.

The platform offers its users a large variety of payment methods from which one can choose from. In addition, is the abundance of bonuses and promotional offers that are available to every user on the platform. In the midst of all of these, you might get confused as regards how the 1xBet deposit works. You might also be beclouded as regards the 1xBet deposit charges too.

In this review, we will be analyzing everything and anything we think you will need as regards the 1xBet platform. Let’s begin!

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Find out about 1xBet deposit methods India

Much more than a gambling website, 1xBet has introduced even more features into the betting community, thereby influencing the outcome of their website, and also causing their platform to be highly sought after. One of these introductions is bonuses.

1xBet Deposit Methods India: The Complete Guide

To enjoy bonuses, you can do them by the following means:

  • Welcome offers;
  • Birthday bonus;
  • Happy Friday bonus;
  • Daily bonuses;
  • Wednesday bonus.

Above-listed is simply a few out of the several options available for users. Of course, there are still many other options.

It is important to say at this point that you must be the one who completed your 1xBet deposit by yourself. Irrespective of the bonus you might be entitled to, it is essential to deposit into your betting account. Although not all credits require that you deposit, most of them need it. An example of such a bonus is the Happy Friday bonus, welcome bonus, to mention but a few.

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1xBet deposit charges

You are to make a deposit of at least 1 EUR to enjoy the bonus first deposit bonus. The bonus you’ll receive will be equal your deposit. You can receive the maximum bonus of 130 EUR if you deposit at least 100 EUR and enter the promo code.

As mentioned earlier, not all bonuses require you to make a deposit. Therefore, the rewards that need the account to be funded before they get activated are:

  • Welcome Bonus;

This is something you will enjoy after signing up with 1xBet. With 1 EUR as a minimum 1xBet deposit, you will get to enjoy up to €1500 and 150 spins free of every charge.

  • bonus after First Deposit;

After you make your first 1xBet deposit after you must have been confirmed to have registered on the platform, you will enjoy a 100% bonus on whatsoever you make your initial deposit. To enjoy this, you need to make a minimum of 1 EUR or 100 EUR maximum.

  • Lucky Friday.

With this offer, you should be assured of having a bonus-filled Friday, weekly. To enjoy the lucky Friday, you need to take your first deposit. The 1xBet deposit charge for this bonus is also from €1 to €100.

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How to deposit money in 1xbet from India

You must know how things are done correctly before proceeding to make your first 1xBet deposit. In the same vein, let us comprehensively discuss the various ways of making deposits the right way. So below is how 1xBet minimum deposit India functions.

  1. Bank Card. This is the commonest and most preferred means of making payments into your betting account with 1xBet. Reason being that it ensures that all of your 1xBet deposits are made easier and faster. Firstly, make a payment request. After that, you will be redirected to a custom page where you will be required to input some of your information. With this method, the cards that are mostly used are MasterCard, Entropay, and Visa. You can also make your 1xBet minimum deposits on either debit cards or credit cards, or both.
    Since it is important that you are conscious of you and the safety of your details when making payments, 1xBet has taken it as a responsibility to ensure that the information you provide during any 1xBet India deposit is kept away from third parties.
  2. E-Wallets. This option is yet another method of making a payment that is also relatively common. To make deposits on 1xBet, specific E-wallet clients help in making such deposits successful. A few of these clients are:
    • PayPal;
    • Skrill;
    • Perfect Money;
    • SticPay;
    • EPay.
  3. Cryptocurrencies. With its emergence on the economic and world scene at large, Cryptocurrency has gained wide acceptance as a mode of making online payments. And of course, 1xBet is no exception to this innovation. This method also makes payment very easy, secure, and reliable. To cryptocurrencies available to make 1xBet minimum deposit are:
    • Bitcoin;
    • Dogecoin;
    • Dash;
    • Litecoin;
    • Ethereum.
  4. Mobile. This is another interesting means of making your 1xBet deposits. Without the use of a PC, you can also make payments easily via a mobile application right from your phone.
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BK 1xBet: minimum deposit in India

It has been mentioned earlier, but it is necessary that it is treated on its own. It is quite surprising how little the 1xBet minimum deposit India is. This is yet another indication that the platform has tried every means possible in order to ensure that none of its policies are restraining any bettor from registering on the platform. To start placing your stakes, you need just funds as low as 1 EURO. With this money, you can’t claim any kind of reward that you might have won for yourself.

BK 1xBet: minimum deposit in India

In addition, you should know that for withdrawals, you do not need to be worried about 1xBet deposit charges. It is important to say that the process drawn out for withdrawal is one that is easy and fast for every user. However, the only discrepancy between the minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal is that the latter is a bit higher than the former.

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1xBet deposit – available currencies

It is no news that making use of your local currency when making your 1xBet deposit is the best. This doesn’t only save you from the stress of conversion but also helps in ensuring that no mistakes are made during the depositing process. You should also note that the type of currency you select might also influence the commissions on your withdrawals and deposits.

You can select your choice of currency during the process of setting up your account. Also, note that you can’t choose your currency when making a deposit. In a case where you want to set 1xBet minimum deposit India to another currency, then you need to contact customer support to carry out the currency-change for you.

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Summary of how to deposit in 1xBet

Truth be told, as a newbie, the process of 1xBet minimum deposit India can be very confusing and intimidating. Owing to the fact that there are several payments and withdrawal methods that are made available to you. Albeit, with this review, we hope that you fully comprehend the various 1xBet deposit charges, deposit methods in India, amongst several other cogent issues discussed herein.

Summary of how to deposit in 1xBet

The ball is now in your court, go ahead and register on this platform and make your first 1xBet deposit, in other to start enjoying the unmerited betting experience.Get your super bonus!

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