1xBet Bonus Rules – Helpful Tips for All 1xBet Users

A major standout feature of 1xBet that makes it so amazing is the awesome bonus. The wide variety of rewards and bonuses and a 1xBet gives its new, old, and regular users make it a favorite in the online betting community.

Unfortunately, most users do not know how to use a 1xBet bonus. A lot of newcomers who just started using 1xBet have no idea how to use their bonuses, or what their offer conditions are. You need to know all the bonus rules deeply to fully benefit from all the bonuses offered by 1xBet without any hitches. Also, bonuses can be accessed from many places, giving you regional bonuses like the Tanzania bonus and Bonus.

Would you like to get more familiar with the rules on how to use a onus? Moreso, are you curious to know what benefits you can get from your 1xBet bonus account? Then you can be sure that you’re reading the right article. Don’t stop until the last word!

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What is 1xBet bonus?

1xBet gives players a certain amount to place bets. These are referred to as bonuses. The specific kind of bonus determines how much you get. There are different types of bonuses: welcome bonuses, promotions, and many other offers.

1xBet Bonus Rules – Helpful Tips for All 1xBet Users

To get these bonuses, you need to make an initial deposit to your 1xBet account. Once this small deposit is made, you immediately become eligible for all bonus offers. Hence, you need to know the 1xBet bonus rules for each of the bonuses.

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How to get a Welcome bonus on 1xBet

Immediately upon signing up with 1xBet, you should get the welcome bonus 1xBet offers to all its new members. 1xBet will want you to encourage you to stay on their website, and they do this with a nice welcome bonus.

Both in Tanzania and other parts of the world, this €1500 bonus is quite generous, and that’s not all – you also get free spins! 150 of them! Incredible!

Also, your 1xBet bonus will be split into four different deposit bonuses.

Here’s the breakdown of the bonuses:

  • First deposit – 100% bonus (max €300) and 30 bonus spins;
  • Second deposit – 50% bonus (max €350) and 35 bonus spins;
  • Third deposit – 25% bonus (max €400) and 40 bonus spins;
  • Fourth deposit – 25% bonus (max €450) and 45 bonus spins.

Once you properly observe all bonus rules, you will receive your welcome bonus. Do know that you are entirely free to decide how to use 1xBet bonus account. And in case you’re wondering how to use or bonus, you will be the one to make that decision, also depending on which games are available to bet on.

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How to get 1xBet deposit bonus

It’s not only the welcome bonus 1xBet gives you just for signing up on their site. There is another bonus you get after your initial deposit.

This first deposit bonus will be given to users who make an initial deposit of €1 or more. And you know what makes this offer so fantastic? It’s a full 100% bonus just for you! You can get even more than that (€130) if you deposit €100 or more and enter the promo code.

Once you have made that first deposit, you’ll get a 100 first deposit bonus, along with all its full benefits. One important thing to remember here is this: that 1xBet deposit bonus needs to be rolled over within 3 days of receiving it. If you don’t do this, the bonus will expire permanently. You need to also take note of the fact that 1xBet deposit bonus cannot be used at the same time with other bonuses.

How to get 1xBet deposit bonus

So, ensure you adhere to these first deposit bonus conditions strictly, and you will thoroughly enjoy bonus w 1xBet.

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Main 1xBet bonus rules

This ought to go without saying, but you’ve got to have those 1xBet bonus rules front and center in your mind from the moment you make that initial deposit into your 1xBet account and get your bonus. We know you can always read them on the website, but we’ve condensed it to give you a simpler, shorter version to help you understand the rules better:

  • First, you make an initial deposit, which shouldn’t be less than €1.00. This will grant you full access to your 100% bonus, which will be available for your immediate use.
  • After getting your initial deposit bonus, it needs to be turned over at least five times via accumulator bets.
  • The turnover should happen with a minimum of 3 events.
  • The 3 markers ought to have odds of not less than 1,40.
  • You should be from one of the countries where the 1xBet service is present. Ensure you take a look at the accessibility list before getting started at all.
  • You need to use your initial deposit bonus within thirty (30) days of receiving it, otherwise, you won’t have access to the bonus again as it will expire after that period.
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What bonus in 1xBet you can use

The much talked about 1xBet deposit bonus is not all the bookie has to offer – and neither is the welcome 1xBet bonus for that matter. Here are some other promotions that the amazing 1xBet sportsbook also offers its members and users:

  1. Daily Jackpot. These jackpot bonuses – quite spectacular. Fortunately, they are available daily. This jackpot bonus puts you into the pool the moment you start betting. Every one of the games within the casino participates in the daily jackpot, except for a few games like 21 Online, Roulette, Pachinko, PF Roulette, and PF Dice.
  2. Lucky Friday. Thank God It’s Friday, right? Fridays are splendid, and the bookmaker chose to step it up a notch with this promotion. This lucky 1xBet Friday bonus gives you a chance to win €100 every Friday. Such a fantastic offer, right? Make sure you understand all 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules thoroughly.
  3. Lucky Day. Superb daily promotions also take place regularly. On that note, if you’re curious about how does the 1xBet bonus work daily, the offer isn’t that difficult to benefit from. You can get one ticket to stand a chance in the promo by visiting the Lucky Day offer page. Then winners are randomly selected from the promo pool. If you’re lucky, you just might be picked!
  4. No-Risk Bets (max €10). This is another awesome feature, as you could receive a refund. How does the bonus work? It’s very easy – just place your bet when the offer is active, and you become part of it. You bet with your money, and you’ll get back any amount you lose, up to a limit of €10. This 1xBet bonus is hugely beneficial.
  5. X2 Wednesday Promotion. As long as you can duly comply with these Friday bonus rules to be part of the offer, then you will be able to access the Wednesday promo. If you can place at least five bets on games with odds no lower than 1,40, then you just might be the lucky winner of €100! Notwithstanding, it is important to state that another deposit of 1 EUR needs to into your account to benefit from this bonus. This bonus 1xBet Wednesday could be a nice addition to your 1xBet kit and provide you with another opportunity to win a bonus.
  6. Birthday Bonuses. We all love celebrations, and especially birthdays. 1xBet is no exception, as they help you celebrate your birthday with a nice bonus, specifically a birthday bonus. Feel free to purpose your bonus use however you like. Don’t forget, you need to check out the 1xBet bonus rules set for this bonus, so you can know exactly how to take advantage of it too.

As is obvious from the list, many promotions are available, therefore you’ll be able to access them all – Friday bonus, the Monday bonus, and more. there are also others like the 20 bonus and the 500 bonus.

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1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules

For you to be a part of this Lucky Friday bonus, you have to comply with 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules.

Here are some bonus rules:

  1. First, deposit at least €1 to initiate your bonus.
  2. This deposit will activate the bonus instantly, after which it has to be wagered 3 times within 24 hours. You need to do this in compliance with Happy Friday bonus rules, otherwise, you might end up losing your bonus.
  3. You get a 100% bonus if you deposit a minimum of €100.
  4. You can only access one bonus at a time.
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1xBet bonus account rules

The most unique quality of 1xBet is the great way it treats all its members. That’s not the only thing that’s cool though. The equal treatment of all its users. Even if you’re new to the website and just got your initial 1xBet deposit bonus, you’re still entitled to your bonus the path to a 1xBet bonus account:

  1. Obtain a bonus code and get into the casino. After doing this, your account will attain a Copper status.
  2. Play one of the games in the casino. You could choose one of the live slots. This will help you gain experience points on the 1xBet bonus account.
  3. Work towards getting as many experiences points possible because those points will get you some cashback. Work hard enough and you might even get to VIP status.
  4. Withdraw the cashback whenever you want to. Note that you can only withdraw cashback returns once every 7 days.
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What are the 1xBet bonus games?

One thing you’ll notice while trying to get your account to VIP Status – bonus 1xBet games. Casino games have been added to the website for a more fun experience, as well as better chances of receiving your 1xBet Bonus. With this bonus account, your status could increase as you play the casino games.

What are the 1xBet bonus games

You’ll see some of these bonus games on the 1xBet site:

  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Poker.

You’ll have so much fun earning your games bonus.

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Final thoughts about 1xBet bonus rules

When you joined 1xBet, you might have had many questions in your mind, especially about the bonuses, and which one you could enjoy. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about how to use 1xBet bonus, and what the conditions are. You may also have found yourself wondering what on earth a 1xBet deposit bonus was. Or maybe you’re just thinking about setting up your account, and you wanted to know how to go about it.

If you’re reading this, then you ought to be well equipped with all the information you need about the bonuses 1xBet offers. It’s not as hard as it may seem at first, but most people need a little help using their bonus code for the first time.

That said, hopefully, this review helped you answer questions you had about how to use 1xBet bonus, redeeming bonuses, and withdrawing cashback. Have a great time exploring 1xBet!Get your super bonus!

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